Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sex in the Desert

Spring is in full effect with Summer teasing us all and the beach whispering in our left ear. Now that you have gotten your work out regimen started, nails primed with color choices for the Summer lined up, home decor for the season set, summer vacation itinerary printed, and sun block choice in close reach, here are some of the things to look out for and how to react while dating during a hot Summer.
 Many people jumped onto the internet dating bandwagon and haven't looked back since. With dating online there are always many interactions you will find common and sometimes irritating. Then there are times a new chat buddy with meeting potential leaves you curiously interested and also quickly sympathetic. Having physical disabilities create a group of people that has a limited amount of resources to meeting new people. Online dating gives them a place to do so. This possibility also helps those with psychological disorders or who are not easily social in day to day life. When meeting someone with any related problem they may feel this will hinder a relationship. Give them the opportunity to explain why they feel it could be a problem. Doing research on the issues will give you more of a understanding. Finding out how to be supportive will also build the friendship. If the next profile sparks your attention, you will have at least made a new acquaintance. If nothing more transpire.

Giving a cute smile to your local barista or opening up to a crush about how you feel, by putting yourself out to a potential "distraction" is never a bad idea. Some of the best relationships happen unexpectedly. Getting swept off of your feet is the ultimate dream but maybe you are suppose to be the one sweeping. Think along the lines of female to male proposals? Try getting things started instead of waiting for the other person to take charge. This may just be the approach they have been waiting for. Not to forward is best to leave the door open for them to plan future adventures. Although risky to your heart, step up instead of waiting to get hit on by the cutie. This may work out more in your favor than you think.

If you are newly out of a relationship, grab a kleenex. Grieving is acceptable during deaths. Getting out of bed those first few days or months will be difficult, but get a grip. Its a great  experience to be in love and with that you are able to learn and better adjust with someone new. You will remember moments enjoyed with the incompatible other and if it makes you smile do so. Questioning the past will only waste time that should be spent on yourself or with a better candidate.

"I got a man..." There are people in the world that have amazing monogamous relationships. Although, you may have a great thing going its important to keep things interesting and festive to keep the love strong. Try new date ideas such as sky diving, finding a few play time extras at the adult sex shop, or taking a random weekend road trip. Love is a great feeling. Constantly work on your relationship so its as toned as your summer beach body!

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