Thursday, May 9, 2013

Milan Men's Fashion Week: Frankie Morello FW '13

The inspirations of the Frankie Morello presentation was a diverse group but put together in the end amazingly. There were prints of NY buildings, tiles/flooring prints, neons, metallics and scenes of someones home. Maybe Mr. Fabio is like the rest of us and love NYC or had someone close to him move there and feel the things they are going through with decorating a new home. Either way, the process in which he displayed all of these were interesting and gave me the thought of home. 
 The colors of the collection consisted of greens, burgandy, and tweed. He added green neon or orange neon and gave the suits or sportswear pieces a pop. The styling of the short sleeved shirts on the blazers really let me see this trend in full effect. Anything shiny is a go in my book.

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