Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Milan MFW: Tom Rebl

I arrived at the location of the Tom Rebl fashion presentation a bit early so after enjoying a quick drink in the lobby I ventured out and about around the neighborhood the show would take place. Within the hour before the show was actually suppose to start I met many transsexual beauties, had a nice pizza and fries with a Coke for 5 euro and was propositioned by a generous group of hash sellers; With this bit of fun I knew there was something special about this night.

 The show started with the entire room getting dark and then green lights coming from the balcony of the beginning of the runway came on. The lights looked as if it was an escalator of clouds that you could easily climb on to get to the top of the balcony. Before I could try to see if  it was actually possible, 4 or so models appeared wearing headdresses resembling birds. The models began to ascend down the stairs, not the clouds of light. You could see the headdresses were made of hair and looked to have taken a long time to create. The collection was mostly black leather or other fabrics in black color. The styling included chains on the models and some wore multiple chains to the point it just could have been the garment. There was a gold lame shirt styled with four fur shawls which looked great. There was also a gorgeous overcoat in one of the hottest colors of Fall and Summer, Burgundy. Zig Zags were also present another trend I am very much so into. The ideas presented at the Tom Rebl show will definitely have me keeping an eye out for what he has up next and you should too!

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