Saturday, December 22, 2012

El Messies

 As we grow into our adult lives we tend to experiment with things we normally did not in our youthful teen years. On my last evening in Barcelona I attempted one of these adjustments into adulthood. Before I begin, I have very strong feelings and mucho love for the hip-hop industry and sure to continue listening to the hard beats and somewhat inspirational words of rappers for the duration of my life.

 The holiday season is in full swing and regardless of your current state of mind you can't avoid getting into the spirit of the season. Before leaving Barcelona to continue my European fashion tour, I enjoyed a few hours listening to great classical music at  Palau de la Musica Catalan. On this evening they were performing a UK and European tradition El Messies (The Messiah)  written by  George Frideric Handel and was first performed in 1742 on my birthday, April 13th, in Dublin, Ireland. The story of Christ from birth to resurrection through verses from the bible in song. The selection was performed in a baroque style of classical music. There were many violinist, 2 trumpet players, 1 drummer, 2 pianists, a choir, and 4 lead singers. Rounding the total orchestra to a around 30. Baroque. Up until about the 1960's the performance was done with a much larger orchestra and an array of instruments number into 1000 during the Victorian era. In the UK and few other places it is still performed in this traditional style.
 The concert hall was just as amazing as the music. There were the tile art deco style seen through out the city of Barcelona. Huge tile flowers coming from the ceiling, stained glass windows lined one wall that I'm sure makes the hall look amazing during the day, gargoyle styled statues around the main stage that gave the entire venue a great fantastical feeling. The help of the stained glass mosaics with reefs of flowers really made it a great holiday location.

The selection was sung in English so it wasn't to hard to sit back and enjoy. Growing up a Southern Baptist many of the verses were very familiar to my ears. Almost like a review of the bible. I didn't pick up a program until part 3 but caught myself a couple of times reciting the verses with the choir. The director, Jean-Christophe Spinosi did a brilliant job of starting the concert fairly upbeat with chapters from the book of Isiah. Throughout the concert he kept guest excited even when he came to slower more somber parts.

 If your a young adult starting traditions with your new family or looking for a few new ones, this is definitely one to consider. With a price of roughly 35€ for tickets on the higher level and 3 hours of your evening, it won't hurt your pockets to bad either.

You don't have to be Christian to enjoy a musical performance like this. I think everyone will enjoy this holiday time treat. Also, if your not a fan of classical music this could be a great start!
 Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Palau de la Musica Catalan

C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6 
93 295 72 00

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