Monday, September 15, 2008

Fashion Week: To the virgins

Mercedes Benz Fashion week is an awesome experience to be a part of for any newly implanted New Yorker. My main suggestions for any newcomer that would like to be apart of the true fashion week experience are below:

*Wear every outfit that you have not worn yet and any that you have been holding for a "special" occasion. Not having an invite to shows in hand does not mean you cant dress like you do.

*Any party or show that you hear about just go! The door person can only say your name is not on the list. By going you show that you should be there because your as fashionable as any other person there.

*Be in touch with all the people you have already met in the city and see what they have going on during the week. You maybe totally surprised at what they say.

*At least go to Bryant Park once during the week. if you do not have anything planned for the day going and people/trend watching is always a great pleasure.

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