Monday, September 15, 2008

Lets keep warm

Here is a list of jackets and such that are great for either guys or girls:

*Shawl- A great shawl is ideal for anyone who would like to wear the garment all day. Shawls are light and usually you can find one that is perfect for the outfit you have planned for the day.

*Poncho- The weather is always so unpredictable and having a poncho handy if it may rain is a great alternative to carrying an umbrella or rain coat. Plus having a complete cover up from head to toe (if your wearing rain boats) will make your day much more enjoyable knowing you can stomp through puddles of water.

*Leather Jackets- A nice leather jacket (from any fashionable time period you may choose) is a great piece to have on nights when it has gotten a tad bit chilly. Leather jackets will last an extremely long time so finding a good one means you will not have to get another for quit awhile.

*Fur- Fur is such a touchy topic when it comes to fashion. There are many faux furs available for anyone who would like to wear something similar to the real thing. A fur vest is a favorite of mine because it says your wanting to have fun and also keep warm. Fur is an awesome accent for jacket collars or for a small piece of flair where needed.

*Down vest- a heavy down feather vest is a definite item to wear during the colder months. A down vest can be layered with a lighter jacket and also worn alone. If your plan on wearing your vest under a jacket primarily, a solid colored vest would be ideal.

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