Friday, May 25, 2012

Resort Spring 2013: Givenchy

With a growing and impressive following in menswear, it's fitting Mr. Tisci at Givenchy do a resort line for men. Givenchy has been at the helm of leading and starting fashion trends for the past few seasons having men of all ages throughout the entertainment industry wearing the brand. A first like this for the brand is sure to change the way men dress and also feel about trying new styles. The collection has a very well done preppy twist to it that I feel will work well not only in major cities but suburbia will like it as well. The paisley printing mixed with plaid continues mixing a really cool style I personally enjoy. Pink and green is still the dominant color following the SS 2012 collection available now (one of the boutiques carrying it and the women's resort is below.)Here are a few photos.

Photos courtesy of Givenchy

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