Thursday, January 12, 2012

Xtra Gelatinous

I also went by the vernissage of a street to canvas painter. Gum is from Marseille, France and has been painting for roughly 10 years.He has had exhibitions in Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona and now Paris. The photos were all done with spray paint, grafitti style. Looking at the paintings at first glance you would not think they were done with spray paint. The lines and details were magnifique. Gum said the paintings depict the current state of the world. From glonal warming and the influence of the media on youth and adults. Most of the paintings seen tonight were of some of our favorite cartoon and video game charecters Spongebob, Hello Kitty, and Kirby (maybe that was him). There were a few randomly placed objects like guns and bombs placed in the collaged paintings giving a sense of danger in the midst of happy and chaotic times. There were alot of bright colors so you dont automatically get a somber feeling of the paintings. This help to attract a few underaged admires although the intent of the paintings were not automatically known. The paintings will be on display until Feb 4.

Galerie La Tour
111, Rue Saint-Honore

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