Friday, September 5, 2008

For the love of: Flyers

Since we first wrote on the awesomeness that is Santos Paryhouse, it seems we continue to get surprised by the folks down at 100 Lafayette. As reported on one of the past postings Monday nights have really been an enjoyable experience at Santos. If you have been to Santos on a Monday night you may wonder how the flyer to the right will work with DJ Jonathan Toubin's Monday night party, I have no doubt it will be a perfect work of art. A.R.E Weapons will be there (for a second time) and what would make us smile more than seeing Erin Wasson (who just debuted her new womenswear collection Erin Wasson x RVCA at this season's Fashion Week) spinning with the guys from New York. Hope to see you guys on. I know I will. :)

Also just in case you have time to stop by and say hi to the guys downtown tonight, I would definitely recommend Friday night. Q-Tip djing there has really started weekends and made them wonderful..... Awwwww the memories.

Santos Partyhouse
212 584 5494

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