Friday, August 29, 2008

SO A&F....

Fall fashions are in full bloom and a trend I have seen a few places are holes. Forget your Abercrombie definition of "destroyed". The bigger the whole and the position of the hole or holes is kinda random. The randomness of the trend is what honestly make it fun (again). Below are a few key items I think the trend would be great with. My question is how are you going to keep the your pearls and chains actually on material when there is none?

*Tee Shirts- Key tip with this reconstruction: Don't go crazy like when you cut your skinny jeans and tank tops." Try this trend on a tester tee first before ripping your favorite vintage top. After you get the tee with holes do no more than 2. You have to remember, its going to get chilly so keep a few as undershirts.

*Opening Ceremony has a great tye-died sweater with holes in the garment that is perfect. The price on the sweater: over $1,000. To make a version of your own, take a old cardigan that is fairly baggy and make your make holes in the sweater. Any top that is light is also a good garment to use this trend with.

*Jeans- Now, we all have gone through the hole in jeans phase and gotten over it. I feel the trend can still be used in the Fall only in moderation. The nicer the jeans the better the holes will look. A pair of Abercrombie and Fitch denim is known for having the holes in them so opt for another pair. Gap the denim haven has a few that will look awesome with a hole or two on them.

Try a little lace under the holes to get a warmer look. Remember patches and holes in a way go hand in hand but, what will it say if your wearing patches and holes?

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