Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tie and Dyed

Tie Dye is a really big mix on color for spring and summer. Alot of great stores are carrying different tie dyed apparel. (urban outfitters, American apparel, even channel has a few pieces in the 2009 resort line.) So embrace your inner hippie and put a new twist on an old favorite. Try making a classic and more mature look other than a pair of cut off shorts or skinnies with your regular vans and boating shoes. A pair of cuffed khakis or a nice skirt and suspenders can give you the same fun look but with a sense of maturity and open mindedness. Also anything 60's is a very good look for this season and the next. Any vintage floral prints or anything multicolored will be a big hit.
Click title to see a pair of swimiming trunks from Urban Outfitters

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