Saturday, May 17, 2008

Accesories for the Summer: Guys

Guys have always had a problem with fashion as far as having a diverse option of trendy things to wear. Here is a list of a few things you guys can do to stand out from everyone else.

*Instead of buying new shorts go through your closet and cut up pants and jeans you don't wear often. Skinnies are a great choice to cut because the fit is awesome and skinnies aren't getting much use in the upcoming seasons.

*Get a few different sized belts. Skinny belts are great with shorts and even khakis. Thicker belts are great also but they are made more for dressier pants and regular jeans. Also use a piece of rope! Alot of designers are using colored ropes as belts. (dye your own for a unique piece) It will go perfectly with your boating shoes.

*Suspenders. Suspenders are a great alternative to a belt. They look great also with a variety of things. Shorts and a shirt, under a cardigan, and with a tank top are all ways to pair a great pair of suspenders. Also the more colors you have the better.

*Boots instead of your regular pair of shoes. If you want to stand out and have that certain "bad boy" or "just thought they were more comfortable" look wear a pair of boots this summer is a great way. If you have a great pair of Dr. Martins or any other vintage boot pair them with a pair of straight leg jeans even a t shirt and shorts.

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