Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jochen Kronier; Shoe couturier of sorts

 Upon arriving in Berlin, I had the pleasure of meeting Jochen Kronier. Mr.Kronier has been involved with customizing outfits for close to 2 decades and has a knack at creating shoes. Considered shoe coturier by some, Mr. Kronier is by all means much more.

 Jochen obtained his first heels at the age of 15 years old. With an interest in performance arts and a new favorite accessory he connected to the heel. He has been inspired by lots but one pair stuck with him. While out one night in Paris he meet a woman. Not any women. This was a statuesque, almost amozonian, woman wearing a pair of thigh high patent leather stilettos. This woman he encountered out in a disco was no where close to being refined. 

 Heelless is what he is known for. Having clients worldwide, custom is the real infactuation. He measures the feet of each client and he highly dislikes reproducing styles already crafted. Kronier has though supplied multiples of a style for a fashion designers graduation presentation but prefers personal touches.

 In 2013 Kronier made available a few pairs of shoes with custom cases. This allowed a more special acquisition. 

  With a love for the stage, his most exciting experience as a creator was during a play. A production regarding the work of painter, Peter Paul Rubens, of Germany. There was a need for a pair of human/animalistic hoofs. These hoofs required a "third ankle" that Jochen made possible meraculousily. 

 The shoe starts most visual concepts for this true club kid. After creating his 4th pair he felt inclined to speak with a speacialist who produces shoes for those with extreme problems of the feet. With new knowledge he continued creating custom, well fitted and superbly padded couture shoes. 

 We agreed shoes present you on a platform. Allowing a great garment to be seen in full view of admirers. A simple accessory such as a handbag is the best way to be styled. This he feels is the best way to be recieved, while wearing amazing heels. 

   However and with whatever you wear your heels do it proudly and be happy. The person who made them probably wouldn`t want it any other way. 

Below are just a few of my favorites he has done so far. Check out his site for more work.


Les Crocodiles Dangereux featured in NYmag.com The Cut

Jochen Kronier

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