Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview: Silvia Prada

Here is an interview I conducted via email with Silvia Prada. She is the host of the weekly and sometimes traveling, party here in Barcelona “Who’s the Boss” and a new collaborated Sunday brunch “Mr. Sun”.

Who’s the Boss takes place at Cabaret Berlin
Mr. Sun at BOO Beach Club

> When and where did you begin to host parties?

8 years ago in a club called “Club 13” a club located in Plaza Real so special with a basement so cute and chic.

> What type of music is currently popular in Barcelona nightclubs and what is the current Spanish song being played a lot out?

I really don’t know…I try to avoid popular music and spanish songs at my parties…. Its something really usual in the spanish scene and I never connected with that type of music.

> Is it difficult for new or underground artists to get much play in local nightclubs?

Not really, actually Barcelona is a good city for the underground scene.

> What makes going out in Barcelona an unique experience and what can visitors always expect?

Barcelona is so special ….I think it is a magic city where you can find your real love, your best friend for life or the most amazing plate of Calamares…..Barcelona is unexpected…Barcelona can also break your heart, its a sexy place….I could say its one of the most mysterious and mystic cities of the world.

> Where do you come up with the themes for your weekly party “Who’s The Boss” and what is the background on the party?

Who’s the Boss is mainly inspired by music, people and quality….I still say radio music is for the radio not for the nightclubs. Why pay 12 euros or more into a club to hear the same cookie cutter shit on the radio or your iTunes?
Nightclubbing is suppose to be a new experience every time …hearing new music..or old music that sounds new… all evolving your mind in new ways……
So Who’s the Boss is about people that get together and don’t like mainstream music. Also its a mixed crowd which is really important for me…

> Also the inspiration behind your new Sunday brunch “Mr. Sun” ?

Mr. Sun is a summer beach club project in association with “no Pak no Party” and is a celebration of sea, sex, and life. Its the cruisey Sunday experience… Cocktails, shakes, mediterranean gastronomy delights and protein drinks…y muchos chulazos!!

> You also travel to host parties in other cities, what’s next on your agenda?

Yeah , starting this Saturday I host Who’s the Boss at Space Ibiza for all summer with some of my fav artists and I use to host some parties in NYC too.

> Do you keep up with runway trends and if so what was a favorite season from Prada did you particularly like? If not Prada another brand and season.

Not really, I really enjoyed Prada this season and many other brands ….I’m also a very good vintage scouter.

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