Monday, May 25, 2009

From Tight shorts to loose fitting ((Men))

Last summer was defined as the season of cutting up multiple pairs of skinny jeans. The spring of ’09 going into summer, a major trend that will be seen is baggier pairs of shorts. The length of the shorts will be from extremely short to calf length. The beginning of the spring is a perfect time to test wearing leggings and even stockings with your shorts that are being carried over from last summer. From experiencing the tight short trend last year, I learned sometimes they were uncomfortable, ripped easily if cut to short, & gave to much of a slutty look that was not able to easily go from day to night (also going overboard and cutting expensive jeans hurt you down the road). Dress shorts will be seen a lot worn as a suit and pleated shorts with the baggy look is also a definite pair to look out for. Word of advice, instead of cutting more denim, cut & hem the pair of slacks hanging in your closet.

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