Monday, May 25, 2009

स्प्रिंग टाइम लव....

During the winter being close and cozy with someone helped the heart and warmed you during the cold. Now that spring is in full bloom, dating and finding a life partner (or for the season) is probably controlling your mind. When meeting and hanging out with a new fling remember to take time out to show interest in each other’s life as much as possible. Talking and discussing everyday situations is a good way to learn how they feel on subjects and if they are actually able to hold a stimulating convo. Never doubt a potential date if the first couple of meetings were not pleasurable to you. The fact that the person showed you attention is reason enough to respect them as a person and give things a chance. That does not mean lower you standards (especially when it comes to sex). The more sex is irrelevant the better off you have the chance to see the person for who they really are. If you are single don’t be scared to flirt. Flirting heals you and shows that you are able to be a sexual person. Don’t change who you were when you met your new friend and don’t expect the same from them. Try learning why they are the way they are and you will learn to be able to accept ways from them. As time goes on you will see that down the road you’ll both be able to accept things and know how to handle situations. Definitely meet there friends and introduce them to yours. You will be able to get an outsiders view of how things are between the two of you and your friends will have the chance to talk to them and see if you actually mold together well. Your friends know you the best.

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