Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its in the bag

The past year has been extremely good for the man bag. If you haven't seen a guy around the city toting a canvas beach bag then where have you been? Guys have always known that there are things needed to be carried around but now style has stepped in and people realize the back pack isn't as acceptable. With the fall season in full steed be prepared to see many more guys carrying a bag and it just maybe as pricey or more fashion forward than there female companion. Here are a few tips to remember when looking for the next man bag or two. 

* Certain fabrics and materials are meant for certain seasons. Canvas is great for the summer months. For Fall opt for a bag that is made of leather or thicker knit material.

* The messenger bag style is a great beginner for guys starting with a man bag. As time goes one try out other shapes and styles of bags to show that your not a rookie and you have experienced many bags. A short handle bag is probably one of the hardest bags for a guy to get use to carrying. All is possible though...

* Price is only that, pricey. A good and diversified man bag is very easy to find. There are many places that sell bags that you can easily call a man bag. Many consignment and vintage stores carry awesome selections of bags that are very reasonably priced. The first second hand bag you buy from somewhere as those places shouldn't be more than $15. Plus, you have to remember to give the bag a good inspection before purchasing. Bags that go for hundreds of dollars are great for the namesake, but you can find similar bags for less than the price and they may even look better.

* A woman's purse is not acceptable. The material is much lighter and the bag its self is going to be smaller to accompany the smaller frame of a women. No matter how much you want a super bag and feel you can pull off your girl friends purse do not. The worst thing in the fashion world is to see someone wearing the same thing you are and even more worse is if they are of the opposite sex.

* Print is O.K. Having a design on the bag is great. Plaid is an all time fall favorite so having plaid printed bag is totally fine. Texture and a little pop of color really gives the bag more life. 

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