Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer is coming to and end so try these key tends before its to late!

There is only a couple more months to enjoy the summer heat. we have done so many things as far as fashion and here is a few more ideas and pieces to try out before the summer is over. (There is always next year but how many people will be on these trends by then?)

1. Mesh- Find a mesh or jersey shirt and wear it as much as possible. A good way to beat the heat and to also look fashionable.

2.Belly Shirts- Women have worn belly shirts for years and for a small period of time guy did as well. With what is going in fashion lately, anyone can wear pretty much whatever. So girls keep rockin' your belly shirts and guys guy one of your vintage tees or tanks across the mid-section. Perfect idea for a very fashionable couple.

3.Extra-Large Shirts- A breezy baggy button up or t-shirt is a great what to catch a good summer breeze. The material is also key. Silk is an awesome sggestion when your on the hunt for the perfect shirt. (Plus it will be able to get tons of wear during the fall months)

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