Thursday, July 31, 2008

Continue to practice early....

There are a few controversial trends out now and coming up in the year(s) ahead. The best advice and thing to do in a situation when you feel iffy about a trend is to try it out before it is season and year appropriate. A trend that is most controversial with men is the long polo. It looks like a dress at first glance, yes. We have to remember the look and vibe many designers were going for which is casual, loungewear, & etc. So with that said, designers were wanting to give a new look to mens lounge wear but also keep men comfortable. So if you feel the long polo is not for you (right now) try getting your next polo a size or even two bigger than usual. It will give you a casual relaxed feeling , but also you can give the illusion of a long polo or as some people call it "Mress".

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