Monday, May 19, 2008

The Future and beyond...

When I was younger I thought we would all have flying cars and our commute would consist of vacuum tube contraptions. But seeing that we don't have those things as of yet here are some ides and pieces that will have you looking as if you you are visiting from 2040 (maybe by then we will have our flying cars...)

*Shaped sunglasses. Instead of your wayfars try a pair of squared, circle, or any other shape that's funky. It will give you a far out there look if put with the right pieces.

*Take inspiration from the mod era, but not exactly that time period. The mod look consisted of tons of lines, bold patterns, and uniquely varied lenghts of garments (such as skirts, dresses and shorts).

*Matching from head to toe. Wearing one solid color or a blend of colors in the same color family will give you a space cadet look.

*Caps. wearing caps with no brim or a small brim is a good addition to the futuristic look.

*Neons. Neon has popped up for a brief time again so having a couple of neon accessories will give you a space age look. (no neon pants though!)

*Hair treatment. When watch Star Trek and Star Wars the characters hair was a big part of their overall look. Try out that supper short androgyny look you see so many people attempting to pull off lately. A good interesting hair cut will make you stand out and a good on will bring your look together completely.

*Raincoat. The spring is the best time to try the futuristic look. There are many stores and designers who are carrying an array of long rain coats. Look for a rain coat that gives you a good triangle shape, the longer the better. Plastic and patten leather is a great material to look for. (Trench coats are in a different category.)

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